Sintered blackened electric power tool gear

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Product Name Dual  Gears
Material Iron powder/Steel/Stainless Steel/Cooper/Nickel
Technology Powder Metallurgy - Machining
Certificate ISO9001/TS16949
Surface Treatment High Frequency quenching, Oil impregnation
Unspecified Tolerance ISO 2768 - m / H14, h14, +- IT14/2
Apperance No Crumbling, Cracks, Exfoliation, Voids, Metal Pitting and Other Defects
Process Flow Powder mixing - Forming - Sintering - Oil impregnation - Sizing -Ultrasonic Cleaning - Steam Oxidation - Oil impregnation - Final inspection - Packing
Application Industry,Vehicle, Power Tools, Motor, Bicycle, Electrombile
Application: Powder metallurgy OEM gear, oxide blacken gear , sintered gear widely used in the the gear box/reducer/mixer/blender/pump/machinery/power tools/oil pump/gear pump. sintered blackened power tool gear3

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